Specialized in providing
female guides and assistants
for female trekkers in Nepal
Press coverage

- 'A new approach to empowerment' - My Republica, 24 November 2017

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- SCALING THE PEAKS, 'Three Nepalese sisters are taking adventure toruism to new heights' - Finnair Blue Wings,October 2016

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- 'Women climb Indian Himalayan peaks to defy stereotypes'- South China Morning Post 

-'Himalaya girl power: Treks by women, for women', by Harley Rustad - CNN travel article, 8 November 2013 

-'Long way to the top', , by Tsering Dolker Gurung -Nepali Times

- ' Breaking the glass ceiling of trekking' , by Lori Robertson - BBC article, Ethical Traveller 12 December 2012 

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- Sustainable Tourism & The Millennium Development Goals: Effecting Positive Change- Addressing Gender Equity and Empowerment of Women -International Eco-Tourism Society (TIES) 

- 'Nepal's Wild West: Women's Adventure', by Danielle Shapiro,  12 September 2010 

-'Doing It For Themselves: Small Change', by Zarina Holmes, 13 October 2008